Ultimate Flora Vaginal Support 50 Billion®
    Benefits & Features:
  • High lacto formula with10 beneficial strains
  • Promotes healthy yeast balance* while maintains healthy vaginal pH levels*
  • Supports vaginal and urinary health*
  • Delayed release vegetable capsules
  • Now in New Fresh-Assure blue glass bottles
  • 50 Billion CFUs
  • Potency guaranteed until expiration date
Product Summary:
Probiotics for women have been for many years a natural solution to vaginal discomfort.* Although, probiotics normally deal with digestive care, there are specific probiotic strains that target solely the vaginal and urinary walls of a woman.* As a result, these good bacteria offer the host multiple benefits in making sure a women's internal balance is well kept.*

ReNew Life's Ultimate Flora Vaginal Support 50 Billion has been a long standing member in womens' probiotics for many years. Ultimate Flora Vaginal Support offers 10 probiotic strains to help promote healthy yeast balance including vaginal and urinary health.*

Key Ingredients:
The following are the active/functional ingredients in
Nutraelle FemCare Ultimate.

Important: We recommend that you review the Product Label for more details on updated ingredients or contact the manufacturer directly. You can also visit ReNew Life Ultimate Flora Vaginal Support 50 Billion ingredients to get the latest information on the product.
  • Lactobacillus Rhamnosus – 15 Billion CFUs/Colony Forming Units
  • Lactobacillus Casei – 11.75 Billion CFUs/Colony Forming Units
  • Lactobacillus Plantarum – 7.5 Billion CFUs/Colony Forming Units
  • Lactobacillus Acidophilus – 5 Billion CFUs/Colony Forming Units
  • Lactobacillus Brevis – 2.5 Billion CFUs/Colony Forming Units
  • Bifidobacterium Lactis – 2.5 Billion CFUs/Colony Forming Units
  • Bifidobacterium Longum – 2.5 Billion CFUs/Colony Forming Units
  • Lactobacillus Paracasei – 500 Million CFUs/Colony Forming Units
  • Lactobacillus Salivarius – 500 Million CFUs/Colony Forming Units
  • Lactobacillus Bulgaricus – 250 Million CFUs/Colony Forming Units
  • FOS (Fructooligosaccharide) – No amount per serving specified (Also known as a prebiotic). Prebiotics help to grow and colonize the probiotic bacteria.*
  • Other Ingredients – Vegetable Capsule (vegetable fiber, water)
  • Once-A-Day probiotic supplement
  • 50 Billion CFUs
  • Multi-strain probiotic with High Lactobacilli
  • Contains prebiotics (FOS – Fructooligosaccharide) – Helps grow and colonize the probiotic bacteria*
  • Enteric coating to help probiotic bacteria survive through stomach acids
  • Vegetable capsule; not gelatin
  • Allergy free
  • Has an added layer to help protect probiotic bacteria from stomach acids with Delayed Release
  • Formula uses 10 probiotic strains
  • Does not contain yeast, gluten, wheat, soy, corn, binder, fillers, or artificial ingredients
  • Does require refrigeration or best if refrigerated
  • Price is somewhat expensive compared to other probiotic products in the market
  • No disclosure on which probiotic strains are being used; only the species are disclosed
Overall Evaluation:
ReNew Life's Ultimate Flora Vaginal Support offers 10 probiotic strains per capsule at 50 billion CFUs. Overall, this product is ideal for replenishing healthy vaginal flora, healthier yeast balance from yeast overgrowth, and supports vaginal and urinary health.* The concentration of good bacteria (Lactobacilli) used in this formula makes it a great choice since Lactobacilli is the most prevalent type of probiotic bacteria found in the vagina.
Consumer Reviews/Testimonials
(Source: http://www.amazon.com)
"See results, August 25, 2013 - This product works great for balancing my PH, I no longer have a funny scent that comes after or before my cycle. This works great."
By Kay Lor
"I routinely take Ultimate Flora, August 29, 2013 - Ultimate Flora is a great product. I've taken it for well over a year now. Got this to keep yeast in check. If you cut out most bread and beer or anything with yeast, it would achieve about the same result but I do think that having the support with the probiotics is a good thing."
By Jimelle F Rumberg PH D
"Love this product, August 23, 2013 - I have has chronic yeast infections due to my chronic stress, for years. I have gone from monistat, diflucan, to inserting a grocery store in me for relief. This pill has balanced me, after a month long nasty yeast infection I started taking this EVERYDAY + my diflucan, and it is gone 4 days later. I will be taking this pill everyday it is worth it! I have also become more regular."
By A.E.G.
"Unsure, December 5, 2012 - I haven't been able to tell any difference so far (1 month supply) but I am trying another bottle. I actually bought this item to help with BV and I was still diagnosed with it after the full months' worth. I will update after my next findings! Overall it shipped very quickly, nearly overnight and was packaged very well."
By T. Gillilan
"Good but..., February 2, 2012 - I have issues with BV and yeast infections. I starting taking this probiotic just to have keep things regular. I think it definitely has great potential to work HOWEVER...it needs to be refrigerated to keep the 50 billion active cultures active and it is not shipped refrigerated or even chilled. It's shipped in a hot truck for who knows how long and I can only wonder how many active cultures are left. I actually developed a yeast infection while taking this for 3 weeks prior. I think it would definitely work if it was shipped properly, but it's not. It even says on the bottle that it may not contain 50 billion if it's not kept at 73 degrees or below."
By Sarah
"The best probiotic for woman, May 25, 2013 - These pro biotic works amazingly well. It works for yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis. However if you have a yeast or bv infection.......... it first has to be killed with an antibiotic like metro gel for bv and monistat for a yeast infection. Don't skip the recommended days or it can get resistant. Then follow up with the renew life pro biotic to keep the infection from coming back. I insert the renew life prbiotic capsules in sided the vagina with a monistat applicator. These capsules are enteric coated and won't dissolve in the vagina. I put the pro biotic in an empty capsule(sold here on amazon.com). I put these pro biotic at bedtime in the vagina for a week and take orally everyday for a month or two. After two months you can take less of it like every other day. Take less of but but don't stop taking it! Make sure to eat less sugar as sugar feeds the infection and bacteria."
By cary725
"Happy with product, July 27, 2013 - Great product...I have dealt with problems with infections for years...so far so good I feel great. I was recommend by my dr to try this...would definitely pass on the product to friends and family."
By tracy
"Didn't work for me., December 11, 2011 - I tried this product after AZO Yeast and Jarrow's Fem-Dophillus didn't work to keep away yeast infections when I had to keep taking antibiotics. Unfortunately, Ultimate Flora Vaginal Support didn't keep a yeast infection away either - even though I followed the directions exactly on the box (refrigerate and take one capsule with a meal). I won't be ordering this again. You might try an even higher-count live probiotic like INNER-ECO PROBIOTIC from Whole Foods (in the refrigerated probiotic section) to try and balance the yeast in your digestive tract. It has 100 billion flora per Tbsp. It doesn't taste that good at first, but it's the most effective probiotic I've used - and I've tried a lot of them."
By Lauren
"Diabetes & yeast infections, May 12, 2013 - I am diabetic and going through menopause! I tried everything to get rid of yeast infections... Monostat & the little pill thats supposed to kill them! Because yeast feeds on sugar, lets just say I could have been baking bread! Nothing worked!!!! Ten days on Monastat and 3 doses of the pill! Well needless to say if anyone has had a yeast infection they are horrible! I decided to take this product, double dosed it... Also ate clean nothing that created sugar or contained sugar! Its gone!!!! Yay!!! However I will say do not stop taking it... Just take less!"
By Lisa
"Refrigeration REQUIRED - consider the source, February 8, 2012 - I started taking the product/vitamins today. I did some research and talked to a few homeopaths that I know and they ALL suggested that THIS product in particular (or ANY pro-biotic items) should be purchased DIRECTLY from the source where you KNOW its being kept in a certain temperature. I wouldn't take the risk and order this online no matter the cost-savings b/c the cultures need to be preserved in order for this product to work. That being said, I headed down to WholeFoods (TraderJoes didnt' carry them) and bought it for about $38. I'll provide a followup response in a week or so."
"Safe, effective, and FAIR PRICE, April 10, 2013 - This is an excellent product: use it before bed for a week to treat recurrent BV, and then one every other day/three days. There was no issues of irritation for me. ***I also tried FloraFemme ($50/6 capsules)... and not only did their product BURN and ITCH, it did NOTHING for my infection. It also costs way too much money for the same amount of probiotics (50 billion units) per capsule that you get with Ultimate Flora ($30/30 capsules).***"
By HelenLaw
"have not noticed a difference yet, July 24, 2011 - I ordered this product because I have chronic BV and thought this would help. I have been taking it about a week now and have not really noticed a difference. I also douche with 50% peroxide /water daily. I thought maybe if I got my flora back in order this product would make my problem go away. I have tried Jarrow product and it did not work at all was a waste of money. I am hoping this product will work for me. I Have given up on what to do. I have been to the doctors and nothing seems to work. My sex life is almost nonexistent. I am embarrassed and always wonder if people can "smell" me."
By Tracey
"finally I found something that works, January 27, 2013 - I was going back and forth to the doctor with BV and yeast infections and I finally felt something that works for me it's as if the doctors didn't even care that I was coming back and forth this problem having to work burning and irritated everyday and then I found this in the health food store and I'm so happy... I wish it was covered by insurance but as long as I found some think that work.. I'm very thankful not to be going to that embarrassing ordeal... I didn't want to work out of .didn't want to have sex didn't want to do anything thank you for whoever created this."
By Pen Name
"Really good product, January 24, 2013 - I'm just finishing my first bottle. I have to say is really good. I have been having vaginal infections for the last 10 years. I'm trying to be in this sugar and gluten free diet, and still have issues. I have tried candex which is not that bad femdophilus, creams, home remedies, you name it and others that didn't work. But this one, has been so far the best! I hope it keeps working like that. Good luck!! "
By tatymc
"good for vaginal support, December 21, 2012 - I began using this when I was getting repeated UTI's. I used both this probiotic and the Ultimate Flora Critical Care one. I was getting a UTI almost monthly. I think my immune system just was down. This helps to build it up. I have not had a UTI now for 6 months. I have now stopped taking this one and only take the Critical Care daily. I read lots of reviews and the Ultimate Flora seemed to be one of the best to help keep your immune system up."
By KathieO
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Alexander Ellison
With just a little planning at the market, it's much easier to eat and cook healthy! Great article
Reply · 8 · Like · Follow Post · October 3 at 10:28pm
Alexander Ellison
With just a little planning at the market, it's much easier to eat and cook healthy! Great article
Reply · 8 · Like · Follow Post · October 3 at 10:28pm
Alexander Ellison
With just a little planning at the market, it's much easier to eat and cook healthy! Great article
Reply · 8 · Like · Follow Post · October 3 at 10:28pm