Nutraelle FemCare
    Benefits & Features:
  • Twice-A-Day Oral Probiotic For Internal Balance*
  • High Lacto Probiotics with Cran-Max® Cranberry
    Concentrate for Added Urinary Health*
  • Includes L. Rhamnosus and L. Reuteri
  • Each Dosage Contains 20 Billions CFUs
  • Prebiotic Support Derived From Inulin (Chicory Root)
  • 2 Capsules Per Day
  • No Refrigeration Required!
Product Summary:
If you ever had vaginal or urinary discomfort then you're not alone. Millions of women each year go through these occasional episodes of upset conditions that target a woman's internal balance. As vaginal flora become imbalanced with yeast overgrowth or bad bacteria; symptoms can arise; and can be bothersome unless remedied with women's probiotics.*

Nutraelle FemCare Ultimate is an all-natural women’s probiotic. Each dosage contains 20 Billion CFUs of Lactobacillus Rhamnosus and Lactobacillus Reuteri. Nutraelle FemCare also contains Inulin; a “prebiotic” that helps support the growth and colonization of good bacteria while journeying through the hostile environment of the stomach.* In addition to probiotics and prebiotics, Nutraelle FemCare Ultimate also contains Cran-Max® Cranberry Concentrate to help support healthy urinary function.*

Nutraelle FemCare’s "All-In-One" Dual Action Program helps insure you get High-Lacto Multi-Probiotics (20 Billion CFUs) and Cran-Max® Cranberry Concentrate to help support vaginal and urinary health.* This 1st step is crucial in replenishing healthy vaginal flora while supporting urinary tract function.* The 2nd step of the “All-In-One” Dual Action Program introduces “Prebiotics”. Prebiotics help the continuation and maintenance support that you need in order to keep healthy bacteria to grow and colonize.*

Nutraelle FemCare Ultimate starts working from day one to help you where you need it most.* Below you will find information about this unique and exciting product ranging from key ingredients to pros and cons of the product.

Key Ingredients:
The following are the active/functional ingredients in
Nutraelle FemCare Ultimate.

Important: We recommend that you review the Product Label for more details on updated ingredients or contact the manufacturer directly. You can also visit Nutraelle FemCare ingredients to get the latest information on the product.
  • Lactobacillus Rhamnosus – 10 Billion CFUs/Colony Forming Units. Predominantly found in the vaginal and urinary walls.*
  • Lactobacillus Reuteri – 10 Billion CFUs/Colony Forming Units. Predominantly found in the vaginal and urinary walls.*
  • Inulin Powder (Chicory Root) – Inulin, a long considered prebiotic helps the probiotic bacteria thrive through growth and colonization as the probiotic bacteria help to replenish healthy vaginal flora.*
  • Cran-Max® Cranberry Concentrate – Helps support healthy urinary function.*
  • Other Ingredients: – Vegetable Capsule, Rice Flour, Vegetable Stearate.
  • "All-In-One" Dual Action Program - 2 steps combined as one
  • Twice-A-Day oral probiotic supplement
  • Multi-strain formula contains Lactobacillus Rhamnosus and Lactobacillus Reuteri
  • Cran-Max® Cranberry Concentrate for added urinary health support*
  • 20 Billion CFUs with Prebiotic Inulin (Chicory Root) to help grow and colonize good bacteria*
  • Refrigeration not required!
  • All vegetable capsules. Perfect for those who are vegetarians!
  • 30 Day Supply | 60 Capsules
  • Helps maintain vaginal and urinary health*
  • Replenishes good bacteria*
  • Helps alleviate discomfort from the occasional vaginal episode*
  • We tried to find a disadvantage, but we couldn't find an answer. Great probiotic supplement for women who are looking to help improve urinary and vaginal health.*
Overall Evaluation:
Overall, Nutraelle FemCare is among the best in the category of women's probiotic supplements in the market today. Nutraelle FemCare delivers simplicity and high quality ingredients using GMP or Good Manufacturing Practices in a FDA registered facility. This particular women's probiotic supplement is offered in 3 different packages.

Consumers will be glad that they can choose different packages at a reasonable price either for $39.95 for a single bottle, $99.95 for a 3 month supply or $159.95 for a 6 month supply. As a twice-day-capsule, Nutraelle FemCare can help maintain vaginal and urinary health while replenishing healthy vaginal flora on a daily basis.* Check out their website at for further information.

Consumer Reviews/Testimonials
"If someone would have told me that an all natural product would help me increase the micro-flora, I would have not believed them until I was introduced to Nutraelle FemCare. I was two weeks into taking these supplements until I started to notice that the uncomfortable feeling was no longer there while I was taking the recommended dosage."
Mary of Bellevue, KY
"I suffered for many years with urinary health issues; I was researching for months for a product to help regulate my internal balance. I went to a few natural herbalist and still there was nothing available that they could recommend, so I started looking online and I found Nutraelle FemCare Ultimate, I was kind of skeptical about the product since I never heard of it but after 3 weeks of using Nutraelle FemCare I was feeling much better and my issues had considerably gotten better, whatever you guys are doing keep doing it. Many thanks!"
Monica of Buffalo, NY
"Being that I use non-scented feminine wash I cant reduce the amount of yeast infections I get, it happens way too frequently and I get a little sheepish going to the pharmacy all the time to pick up creams and I don't like the mess from after using the medication, So I was surfing on the internet for something I can take orally and came across Nutraelle FemCare Ultimate which has more probiotics. You have a loyal customer thank Nutraelle FemCare."
Susan of Syracuse, NY
"Due to the fact I'm out all day running around and doing errands between work and school once it gets around mid afternoon I don't feel so fresh anymore. This has always been a problem for me, plus once I got a yeast infection I figured I better start finding a solution to this because it's starting to get very uncomfortable. I did some surfing online and came across Nutraelle FemCare Ultimate and gave it a shot. Thus far I don't feel icky in the mid-afternoons anymore."
Doris of Bentoville, AR
"I am not sure what other people have to say about this product, but Nutraelle FemCare is a natural supplement that finally works for me. Thanks."
Helena of Jacksonville, FL
"I wanted to let you know that Nutraelle FemCare for the best part has been an ever changing life experience for me. I will forever be in your debt. Thank You!"
Carol of San Antonio, TX
"Feminine care is something that I neglected for far too long. I suffered from frequent yeast infections and UTIs, but I never really thought that there was anything I could do about them. I accepted these inconveniences as a part of life and just dealt with it. When a friend told me how probiotic bacteria can help improve feminine health I was impressed and surprised. I did some research and Nutraelle FemCare was among the top rated probiotics on the market. I started this supplement months ago and I couldn't be happier. My health is truly transformed thanks to Nutraelle."
Shawna of Phoenix, Arizona
"I was skeptical at first when I heard about the miracle results that probiotics and prebiotics are supposed to offer. I'll be the first to admit that I was wrong, though. I found out from doing a lot of research that Nutraelle FemCare is one of the best probiotics supplements on the market. After recurring yeast infections over several months, I was ready to finally give this supplement a try. I was very impressed with the results and now I can't imagine using anything else to control feminine problems and maintain a healthy balance of bacteria. I only wish I'd discovered it sooner!"
Amanda of Seattle, Washington
"I've known about the purported benefits of probiotic bacteria supplements for a long time, but I never really did anything about it. During my last pregnancy I suffered from many UTIs and was so frustrated with these infections that I was ready to try anything. I'm sorry to say that I've never been very good about sticking with daily supplements in the past, but all that changed when I found Nutraelle FemCare. I started taking this supplement after the baby was born and noticed very quickly that I just felt better. Now I don't worry about any other issues because I have the best probiotic supplement around."
Natalie of Portland, Oregon
"Buying probiotics is something that intimidated me for a long time. I'm used to just taking whatever I'm prescribed without really questioning it. A friend of mine suggested that I try taking my health into my own hands, though, and I knew she was right. Instead of dealing with problems after they were painful, I wanted a supplement that would keep me healthy to begin with. The inulin sources in Nutraelle FemCare are what really sold me on this option. The ingredients offer a little of everything and I feel that I'm getting a wide range of benefits from this supplement."
Lindsay of Ontario, Canada
"I've always been into natural supplements so I'm surprised that I didn't realize the benefits of Nutraelle FemCare sooner. When I found this product online I knew I was onto something special. Chicory root is an ingredient that I've been familiar with for a long time for its health benefits. This ingredient combined with the probiotics benefits that come from the healthy bacteria in Nutraelle FemCare create a supplement that's really just as powerful and effective as it claims to be. I recommend this product to all my girlfriends. It's a supplement worth investing in, and definitely a favorite for me."
Shawnee of Los Angeles, California
"I'm totally new to the world of probiotic products but I can say that even after a month of use, I'm a big fan. There's just no comparison to anything else on the market. I started using Nutraelle FemCare for relief from persistent yeast infections but what I got was so much more. This product has helped me with my overall feminine balance in a very noticeable way and I'm so happy about it. With several types of probiotics and great sources of inulin, there's just no reason not to turn to this supplement. You can really change your feminine health naturally today."
Ellie of Carlsbad, California
"I've heard about the benefits of probiotics before but I thought that they were only for digestive health. My problems were of a different sort so I didn't think that they could help me. Then a friend mentioned using probiotics for a yeast infection. I did some research and found out that Nutraelle FemCare could help with all kinds of feminine issues including my recurring UTIs. The probiotics and inulin together are a winning combination and I'm thrilled with the results. This is a supplement that I know I'll be relying on long into the future for my feminine health. What a great solution!"
Francine of Fargo, North Dakota
"I love the idea of using natural supplements instead of medications from the doctor, especially when it comes to feminine health. When I learned about Nutraelle FemCare online I was so excited I couldn't order mine fast enough. This is without a doubt the best probiotic on the market. All the information is laid out for you on the website so you know just what you're getting. This probiotic and inulin supplement has everything that you need to stay healthy and fresh. It's a staple in my lifestyle. There's nothing I'd rather have in the medicine cabinet for my intimate health."
Georgie of Gresham, Oregon
"Feminine health is something that you can easily neglect, but I learned the hard way that you need to pay more attention. After a bad year with a long string of yeast problems, I was desperate for a solution that would keep me out of the doctor's office. That's when I learned about the health benefits of probiotics. I did some research and quickly singled out Nutraelle FemCare as one of the best probiotic products on the market. With beneficial probiotics as well as inulin in the supplement, there's a little of everything. My feminine health has improved naturally thanks to Nutraelle."
Veronica of Santa Claus, Indiana
"I'm a teacher so I'm always on the go chasing after my class of first graders. I don't have a lot of time to spare and worry about my health, and I hate to be out sick for any reason. I used to suffer from UTIs pretty regularly. They would make me so sick I occasionally missed work and put the whole class behind. When I discovered Nutraelle FemCare Ultimate, everything changed. These probiotic supplements are great for my urinary tract health and I've noticed a real decrease in UTIs. I'm a huge fan now of inulin products like this. The difference is amazing and I couldn't be happier!"
Maddie of Arvada, Colorado
"I'm a swimmer, which is terrible for vaginal health. I've suffered from just about every kind of problem you can imagine. I know that staying dry is the answer, but for me it simply isn't an option. A fellow swimmer suggested probiotics and prebiotics for feminine health. I figured I'd try just about anything, so I purchased Nutraelle FemCare and gave it a shot. There are no probiotic side effects to worry about and the difference is amazing. There's less discomfort, fewer infections, and better health overall. I won't ever turn back from this supplement. It's a lifesaver for a swimmer!"
Judy of Pueblo, Colorado
"I never make a purchase unless I'm well-informed. So when my girlfriends started raving about Nutraelle FemCare, I wasn't convinced, but I was intrigued. I started by reading probiotic supplement reviews and found that Nutraelle really was one of the top runners. Then I got into some in depth information about probiotics and inulin supplements. I found even more good news. All the ratings and reviews back this supplement up and now I can add my own review to the mix. I love Nutraelle for my feminine health. It's a great product with very real results that you're sure to enjoy."
Marilyn of Lowell, Massachusetts
"I was completely skeptical when I heard about probiotic bacteria supplements. For one thing, I wasn't convinced that I needed to be doing anything for my feminine health. Well, my thinking had to change when I started suffering from some discomfort in my feminine area. I didn't have an infection, I just wasn't comfortable anymore. A friend finally talked me into trying Nutraelle FemCare though I was still weary about possible side effects of probiotics. It turns out there aren't any and the product works just like it says. I'm a total convert to the power of probiotics and ready to recommend them to anyone."
Jennifer of Clearwater, Florida
"I didn't think that my feminine health was something I'd really have to invest in. After having my daughter, though, things really started to change. I just didn't feel as fresh or healthy as I used to. Another new mom suggested that I try Nutraelle FemCare Ultimate. I started by reading through probiotic reviews. It turns out there are a lot of women like me who need a little extra help to stay in good health. The combination of probiotic bacteria and inulin fiber is just what I needed to get things back in balance. Now I use Nutraelle regularly for my feminine health."
Briana of Rochester, Minnesota
"I have an incredibly busy life with four boys to chase after all day and all kinds of activities to shuttle everyone to in the evenings. I'm always on the go and it doesn't always leave me feeling very fresh. I don't have time to shower twice a day and I know that using douches and scented feminine wash products just makes the problem worse. I was really at a loss as to what to do about this problem until I found Nutraelle FemCare. The probiotics health benefits are just what I needed and the inulin sources give them an added boost for optimum effectiveness."
Alaina of Waterbury, Connecticut
"I'm a bartender and I keep really long hours. I'm up most of the day running errands and then I work all night at the bar. It's a lot for a girl to manage and I know that sometimes my health suffers. I've especially noticed some problems with my feminine health, if you know what I mean. I started looking in to the best probiotic supplements on the market hoping to find something to solve my problems. I found Nutraelle FemCare and was absolutely thrilled. With so many probiotics as well as chicory inulin, this supplement offers the well-rounded support that I've been looking for."
Julie of Columbia, Missouri
"I didn't know anything about probiotics when I first started suffering from yeast infections. I just knew that there had to be a better way to manage them than turning to messy creams all the time. A friend recommended looking into the top rated probiotics supplements for feminine health and I came across Nutraelle FemCare right away. After doing some reading, I started to understand the link between probiotics and health. This easy supplement has saved me from endless tubes of cream and annoying messes. Now I rely on Nutraelle regularly for feminine health and I can honestly say I'm one happy customer."
Jasmine of Murfreesboro, Tennessee
"I don't like to talk about it, but I've been suffering from feminine health problems for a long time. I have trouble feeling fresh, and even have to worry about yeast infections and UTIs from time to time. It's gotten so embarrassing at times that I have to use scented pads just to stay on top of things, even though this doesn't really solve the issue. When I heard about the benefits of probiotics for women I was skeptical, but decided to give it a shot. Nutraelle FemCare has changed everything for me. The inulin benefits make the probiotics more effective than any other product I've tried."
Hayden of Miami, Florida
Important Disclaimer
The information presented on this page is for informational and educational purposes only under section 5 of Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA). It is your responsibility as a consumer to not make decisions based solely on the information provided. The information on this page is not intended as medical advice nor should it be considered as such. The information presented on this page concerns dietary supplements that are not prescription drugs or over-the-counter (OTC) drugs. For more information on product labeling please contact the manufacturer or distributor below.
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Alexander Ellison
With just a little planning at the market, it's much easier to eat and cook healthy! Great article
Reply 8 Like Follow Post October 3 at 10:28pm
Alexander Ellison
With just a little planning at the market, it's much easier to eat and cook healthy! Great article
Reply 8 Like Follow Post October 3 at 10:28pm
Alexander Ellison
With just a little planning at the market, it's much easier to eat and cook healthy! Great article
Reply 8 Like Follow Post October 3 at 10:28pm